Schwing Eyeliner Trio

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You just scored with this limited-edition  collection of three Schwing liquid eyeliners that include the classic shade Noir and two brand new eyeliners in Sapphire Blue and 14K Gold.

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SCHWING! You just scored with this limited-edition  collection of three  liquid eyeliners.  theBalm’s Schwing Liquid Eyeliner Trio includes the classic shade Noir and two brand new liquid eyeliners, Sapphire Blue and 14K Gold. Party On with looks that won’t smudge, flake or take forever to dry with Schwing’s unique, felt-tip applicator.  It’s thin and tapered felt-tip  gives you careful control over subtle strokes and bold lines during application. This trio collection also comes in a compact and pocket-friendly package – that’s a home run!

Schwing Liquid Eyeliner Trio Includes:

Nior: Black

Sapphire: Deep Blue

14K Gold: Gold


        Buildable                    Flake Proof                    Long Lasting


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