JAPONESQUE Slant & Point Tweezers Evening Shimmer


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The Japonesque® Slant & Point Tweezers in our Evening Shimmer finish are expertly designed to shape & define your brows to perfection. Precision-crafted, hand-sharpened tips with superior alignment precisely remove unwanted hair for flawless results. Slant tip securely grabs each hair at the root to shape & define your brows while the mini point tip is ideal for extracting fine or hard-to-grab hairs for precision results. Glamour sparkle finish makes a beauty statement. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel for lasting performance.

  • Slant tip shapes & defines brows
  • Mini Point tip precisely extracts fine or hard-to-grab hair
  • Hand-sharpened slanted tips designed with superior alignment securely grab each hair at the root
  • Constructed with high-quality Stainless steel for lasting performance
  • Beautiful silver sparkle finish


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